Family Friendly New Mexico COVID Thanksgiving

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Family Friendly New Mexico views the economic success and health of businesses and families as interdependent, woven together by our unique culture, talent and resilience. Families are the foundation of many small businesses and in order to thrive, we must prioritize the health of our most valuable asset – our people. We know New Mexicans share our mission: to support businesses, employees and their families to thrive. And in order to realize this mission, we must ground ourselves in the basic values that have allowed us to be the very best version of humanity in times of crisis. These values, … Read More

Virtual Workshop – Tips to Invest in New Mexico’s Economic Recovery

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Family Friendly NM Virtual Workshop TOPIC: Tips to Invest in New Mexico’s Economic Recovery with Family Friendly Workplace Policies WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28TH, 2020 11:00AM – 12:00PM COST: FREE Online and virtual training (Video conferencing instructions will be sent to you after you have registered) This month’s topic is Tips to Invest in New Mexico’s Economic Recovery with Family Friendly Workplace Policies Workplaces continue to shift dramatically because of the global pandemic and employers that implement family friendly workplace policies indicate that they feel better prepared to respond. In this workshop, you will learn how to implement family friendly workplace policies … Read More

Employee Wellness Act – Bernalillo County

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paid time off

What You Need to Know about a New Ordinance that Many Companies are Already Implementing Since the initiative launched in 2015, Family Friendly New Mexico has been asking businesses about their paid time off (PTO) practices. To date, 223 family friendly business awardees have offered 124,757 employees in New Mexico some form of paid time off (PTO). A new ordinance from the Bernalillo County Commission will require companies to offer PTO. On October 1, 2020, The Employee Wellness Act (also known as the Paid Time Off ordinance) went into effect in the unincorporated areas of Bernalillo County. It is a legal … Read More

Help Your Employees Save for Their Children’s Future

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save for college

[Guest Post from Carolyn Fittipaldi, Marketing Director for The Education Trust Board of New Mexico.] It’s easy to help your employees save for their children’s future with The Education Plan Looking for an easy, no cost way to enhance your current employee benefits and increase morale? The Education Plan will help you attract and retain your best employees by helping families save for college with a 529 account. The Education Plan is New Mexico’s 529 education savings plan, administered by The Education Trust Board of New Mexico. It is intended to help more New Mexicans achieve their higher education goals … Read More

Creative Approaches to Support Lactating Employees

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August is National Breastfeeding Month

[Guest Post from Monica Esparza, Deputy Director, New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force] August is National Breastfeeding Month—a time when breastfeeding coalitions, Departments of Health, advocates, and communities promote the important role all community members can play in supporting lactating parents. Employers play a critical role in the success of their lactating employees by providing accommodations. Their support of a healthy workforce begins by understanding the many health benefits that human milk and lactation have for both infants and parents. For example, infants who are breastfed/chestfed tend to be healthier, so parents miss work less often and incur less health care … Read More

Virtual Workshop – Operationalizing Anti-Racism at Work – Where do I Start?

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Family Friendly NM Virtual Workshop TOPIC: OPERATIONALIZING ANTI-RACISM AT WORK – WHERE DO I START? WEDNESDAY, JULY 22ND, 2020 11:30AM – 12:30PM COST: FREE (Video conferencing instructions will be sent to you after you have registered for the class) This month’s topic is Operationalizing Anti-Racism at Work – Where do I Start? Has your business/organization made a commitment to anti-racism? Are you feeling uncertain about how to go from making a statement to actually making this commitment show up in your day-to-day operations? Family Friendly New Mexico is your trusted resource for information, guidance and connection to the tools you … Read More

Restaurants Continue to Innovate Under COVID-19

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local restaurants get creative

Positive COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the U.S. and, specifically, here in New Mexico. Because of that, many businesses are having to make difficult decisions that balance their employees’ and customers’ health and safety and the viability of their business. The accommodation and food service industry statewide has seen an estimated 16% decrease in gross receipts tax revenue collections in FYQ3 of 2020 (as compared to FYQ3 of 2019), according to the New Mexico Quarterly Economic Summary published by the State of New Mexico Economic Development Department. At Family Friendly New Mexico, our mission is to support employers that … Read More

Making an Impact Series | Business Success

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DJ Heckes, CEO of Exhib-It!, a Gold level award recipient of the 2020 Family Friendly Business Award™, recognizes the impact that family friendly policies such as predictable scheduling and flex time have on the success and profitability of her business. Employers often cite the cost of adopting family friendly policies to their businesses, but research has shown that costs for adding family friendly policies are more than made up for by higher productivity, reduced employee turnover (which means lower costs for training and recruiting), improved ability to recruit more qualified employees as well as increased job satisfaction and morale. The … Read More

Making an Impact Series | Work Schedules

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How U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union retains qualified employees and leads with policies that put their employees at the center of their business model. Family friendly policies in the workplace can look different for every business. Often, businesses tend to follow the same model with the same policies and structure for their employees for many years. It’s important to continuously evaluate policies for their effectiveness in building a strong workforce that enhances the strengths of the business. Sharing how businesses have cultivated these policies as a structure to build on makes our family friendly business community stronger and more knowledgeable. … Read More

Making an Impact Series | Paid Leave

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How Albuquerque Plumbing Heating and Cooling amplifies policies such as paid leave to generate company culture and employee satisfaction. More than ever businesses are looking to each other as well as leaders within the business community to learn strategies that help to retain employees and sustain their financial stability and growth. Over the next few weeks we will be spotlighting three of our awardees and sponsors that really put in the hard work to make sure that even during a time of crisis, their commitment to family friendly policies is crucial to the success of their business and employees. These … Read More