Announcing our partnership with United Way of North Central New Mexico to expand opportunities for education friendly workplaces!

With great excitement, we announce our partnership with United Way of North Central New Mexico to further expand and enrich opportunities for education friendly workplaces. We firmly believe that employers can play a crucial role in unlocking their employees’ potential through various means like upskilling, professional development, literacy programs, and certificate and degree attainment.

In New Mexico, where only 36.7% of working-age adults hold an associate degree or higher, lies immense potential for economic mobility, skills enhancement, and increased productivity. Recognizing this, we have long embraced policies supporting “employer subsidized training & educational assistance.” In fact, Family Friendly New Mexico has acknowledged 237 companies in our state that already provide such support.

United Way of North Central New Mexico initiated the Education-Friendly Workplace Initiative, aimed at supporting and encouraging local businesses to evaluate and enhance their support for employee educational pursuits. During their research on best practices, policies, and resources for education-friendly workplaces, they discovered significant overlaps with Family Friendly policies. This realization led them to pursue a partnership with us, resulting in the creation of the new Education Support Special Designation that complements Family Friendly New Mexico’s comprehensive award model.

The new designation, along with an accompanying toolkit, will be available in the upcoming application releasing this fall. We are excited to provide employers with additional resources, information and practical examples on United Way of North Central New Mexico ‘s website later this year, further empowering them to foster education friendly environments within their organizations.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, where employers and employees thrive together, driving economic advancement and creating a brighter future for our community. Together, let’s build education-friendly workplaces that empower individuals and uplift families.

Empowering Education Friendly Workplaces


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