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Our community continues to share with us how important it is to do business with other businesses that implement family friendly workplace policies. And now, more than ever, businesses also need access to networking opportunities and business-to-employee connection. That is why we are thrilled to launch the premium listing for our Business Directory! In this blog post we will give an overview and breakdown of the newest feature on the Family Friendly New Mexico website: The Family Friendly Business Directory premium listing.

The Family Friendly Business Directory makes it easier for customers, clients and job seekers to connect to our New Mexico businesses. We invite our community to participate in the creation and development of this feature by setting up your premium business listing starting today!

Business Directory Premium access includes:

  • Business logo
  • Extended business description
  • Promotional block (embed videos, photos, share event info., etc.)
  • Post job listing(s)

In addition to all features included in your free business listing:

  • Business name
  • Website (clickable link)
  • Address
  • Award level

“A really nice way to attract potential hires in a way that we haven’t thought of before…the business directory offers a unique and exciting opportunity to highlight our Family Friendly Business Award® and use that as a recruitment tool.”

— Maggie Tannen,
BLC Member, VP of HR/Learning & Development, U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union, Platinum level award recipient

Among the many benefits of being a family friendly business awardee, one is the ability to attract, hire and retain a qualified workforce. One of our goals for the Business Directory is to create the space for employers to capture that audience through job posting opportunities and build exposure to job listings via social media outlets. The premium job listing feature is also a great opportunity for your business to brag about the workplace policies your business implements, reflecting the commitment and dedication your business has to a healthy workplace culture.

“We are so proud to be a Family Friendly New Mexico employer. We love what it says about our company values and culture, and we are excited about the contribution Family Friendly is making to work and life in our state. The new Family Friendly Directory will be a boost to public awareness of the mission and we’re really appreciating the ability to promote our company with video and job posting.”

— Haz Said,
Marketing and Communication Support, Basin Health Companies, Platinum level award recipient

The current climate requires businesses to adapt to changes quickly and together we can foster a stronger New Mexico that places our families first. We look forward to the Business Directory supporting New Mexico’s economic recovery and economic development by connecting businesses to customers, each other and to qualified job seekers.



Per Year
  • Business Name
  • Website
  • Address
  • Award Level
  • Business Logo
  • extended business description
  • promotional block
  • post job listing(s)
  • Special Recognition at Events, Print, Website, Social Media & more
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Important information
The business directory access is for current awardees and is accessible in the user account that you use to apply for the Family Friendly Business Award®. Please use your existing log-in info to sign into the Account Portal, then select Update Business Info / Business Listing to set up your listing. If you don’t have this log-in, please contact Angelica at