Give the Gift of Education to your Employees

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Give the Gift of Education to your Employees by Offering The Education Plan®, 529 Education Savings Plan

By offering unique employee benefits–like a 529 education savings plan–employers can provide their team members with impactful benefits to further their financial well-being while also remaining competitive during recruitment.

In today’s competitive marketplace, where employers are striving for new ways to keep their workforce, a 529 education savings plan can be a great addition to a company’s suite of benefits. The Education Plan® can be implemented at no cost to employers and requires no government reporting, making it a quick and easy employee benefit to include. Plus, if desired, employers can choose to match all or a percentage of employees’ contributions. With The Education Plan, employers can help their employees prepare for their future or the future educational needs of loved ones easily through payroll deduction. Employers can play a key role in strengthening the current and future workforce with one easy step.

Enabling employees to make deposits directly into their children’s or grandchildren’s 529 college savings plans through payroll direct deposit is a great way to help employees and their families save more consistently and reduce the burden of student loan debt. The Education Plan has dedicated outreach staff available to conduct educational workshops, supply information and provide hands-on enrollment assistance.

With rising college tuition costs and the current student debt crisis, an account with The Education Plan can help alleviate the burden and stress of planning for future education costs for employees, making it a win-win for both the employer and employee. The Education Plan can easily enhance an employee benefits package in a unique, innovative, and future-thinking way.

“Family Friendly New Mexico’s new Education Support Special Designation, combined with The Education Plan’s innovative approach to offering 529 education savings plans, creates a powerful synergy. Together, they empower employers to not only support their workforce’s financial well-being but also invest in the education and future of their employees and their families. By giving the gift of education through The Education Plan, businesses can make a lasting impact on their employees’ lives and contribute to a stronger, more competitive workforce. It’s a win-win for employers, employees, and the entire community.”

– Zoé Otero Martinez, Executive Director, Family Friendly New Mexico.

Studies show that with just $500 saved, a child is three times more likely to attend college or vocational school and four times more likely to graduate. With no minimum contribution required, an account can be opened at any time and savings can easily grow with the help of gift contributions from family and friends. Investment growth and distributions are tax-free as long as the account is used for qualified education expenses. Plus, contributions are fully deductible on New Mexico state income tax returns.

529 education savings plans are flexible, giving employees an option to save for the future—even if they might not have it mapped out yet. 529 plans can be used at vocational or trade schools, professional schools, colleges, or universities nationwide to pay for qualified education expenses including tuition and fees, housing, meal plans, books, supplies, computers, and more. 529 funds can also be used to pay for K-12 tuition and apprenticeship expenses.

In today’s job market, employees are seeking competitive benefits, and offering team members an opportunity to save for future expenses can be a huge boost that will contribute to their success.

Family Friendly businesses can easily promote a strong workforce by enhancing their benefits package and including The Education Plan.

To learn more about offering The Education Plan as an employee benefit, visit or call (505) 412-5121. Please mention that you are a Family Friendly New Mexico business.

Carolyn Fittipaldi is the marketing director for The Education Trust Board of New Mexico.

Carolyn is a seasoned marketing executive with extensive experience developing and implementing marketing and public relations strategy in multiple industries; including home improvement, broadcast media, hospitality/tourism, non-profit health and state government in New Mexico and California.

In her current role as marketing director, Carolyn is on a mission to help families plan and save for education so they can reach their goals and career aspirations without the burden of student debt.

Carolyn is a volunteer mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central New Mexico Mentor2.0 Program. Mentor2.0 matches high school students with college-educated mentors and provides them with the support and guidance they need to graduate high school and succeed in college and the workforce.

Carolyn graduated from the University of New Mexico with a BA in Communication/Journalism. She has lived in New Mexico for over 30 years.