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Awardee Spotlight

downtown desert yoga

Family Friendly New Mexico is featuring award recipients that really stand out from the crowd. On April 2021, we interviewed Colleen Boyd of downtown desert yoga and celebrate their efforts in creating a family friendly workplace!

As an employee of Downtown Desert Yoga (DDY), I feel supported and comfortable when needing to make my family a priority. Kasey Pena

downtown desert yoga

Established: 2010. Location: Las Cruces, NM. Industry: Yoga/Health.

Colleen Boyd of downtown desert yoga

Why have you decided to have family friendly workplace policies?

As a working mother, it is a priority to me because someone was kind enough to do the same. They placed family first!

How do family friendly workplace policies contribute to your business success?

Having instructors know they can depend on our team to support them in a time of need. That team-efforts creates long-term relationships which are essential to the health of any business. 

What are the most popular family friendly policies among your employees?

As an employee of Downtown Desert Yoga (DDY), I feel supported and comfortable when needing to make my family a priority. I see this not only when I’m teaching but when I’m taking classes from my colleagues. This has been most apparent to me during the pandemic. DDY helped make us and our families a priority by shifting quickly to a platform that allowed us to continue working from home. In this virtual environment, is not unusual to see babies and small children run in and out of view and on our mats with us as we teach and practice. DDY and the culture they’ve built has allowed this to be a norm and completely acceptable while navigating these difficult and unprecedented times.

What advice do you have for other businesses wanting to add family friendly policies?

Trust that if you put a mama or dad to work, they will figure out a way to make it work; whether that is getting a job done or taking care of their kids. If there is trust, there is a way.

How has COVID affected your business? What are your plans post COVID?

It has shut down our in-studio classes. We pivoted and made that work so well, that we will continue to offer those virtual classes even once we are back in full swing!

How can the community support your business?

Join us for a wellness offering! Visit Thank you!

downtown desert yoga has these Family Friendly Workplace Policies

  • Breastfeeding/lactation support
  • Wellness Programs
  • Reasonable accommodations
  • Flexible work scheduling
  • Telecommuting
  • Predictable scheduling

downtown desert yoga
Location: Las Cruces, NM
Industry: Yoga/Health
Established: 2010

While many yoga studios emphasize achieving a particular “shape” or more gymnastics-Influenced movements, downtown desert yoga’s emphasis is on moving the body in a way that is suitable and appropriately challenging for you, to increase your strength, balance, range of movement, and flexibility; we refer to it as Optimal Movement.