Meet our Business Leadership Council

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Since the founding of the Family Friendly New Mexico (FFNM) initiative, we have relied upon the expertise, commitment and support from community business leaders to inform and provide guidance to our efforts. This group of advisors is called our Business Leadership Council and we are grateful for the past and current members who have dedicated their energy to supporting family friendly employers across the state of New Mexico. In our blog post today, we introduce you to three of our current six members. Karl Brotton, HR Manager TLC Plumbing & Utility

 Why did you join the FFNM Business Leadership Council? … Read More

Four Tips for Stressed Managers and Leaders

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For years, Family Friendly New Mexico (FFNM) has been supporting businesses that adopt and implement family friendly policies, like paid leave, flexible scheduling (including working from home!). Now, while we are all navigating this health pandemic, these tools and policies are more important than ever. There is something else FFNM has been doing — cultivating leadership. We see the champions out there, fighting for their employees. We see HR managers being creative in how they manage profit expectations and productivity with employee success and well-being. We support peer education for managers and leaders so they can learn from one another. … Read More

How the Family Friendly NM Team Gets Work Done During Covid-19

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getting work done during covid

Each week, as we hear the latest statistics we learn that a lot of businesses are struggling and more and more people are out of work. Our team is working diligently to provide as many resources as possible to support businesses that are navigating uncharted waters. We are working on adding resources to help essential businesses that are hiring find employees who are now looking for jobs (more to come at a later date). In this post, we are featuring some of the tools, practices and resources our team uses to work toward our goals to support our community. In … Read More

Employers can Benefit by Offering Small Dollar Lending

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helping employees

[Guest Post from Ona Porter, CEO, Prosperity Works] In the first few days of the COVID-19 crisis, we saw reports of 700,000 unemployed workers. Now, it is in the millions. Nearly 25% of workers now say their pay is reduced or they were laid off. Simply put, we’re all in unchartered waters. Rightly, there is a lot of focus on immune-compromised and health risks. But the shock to the economy is not getting enough attention. Federal stimulus or payments are forthcoming, but cash is king. Access to credit is also critical, but it has to be safe, fair, and affordable. … Read More

Weathering an Economic Storm

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economic storm

Our mission at Family Friendly New Mexico (FFNM) is to support businesses, their employees and families to thrive. Right now, businesses and non-profit organizations have moved into survival mode virtually overnight. FFNM supports a wide range of businesses and organizations of every size and from a variety of industries including food and accommodation, healthcare and social assistance, education, construction and government. These industries are all at the front lines of the coronavirus rapid response that we are adapting to on a daily basis.  Experts predict that the economic impacts hitting our personal and collective economies will be felt for months … Read More

Working from home with kids

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working from home

Many people are suddenly finding themselves working from home, including teachers, lawyers, financial advisors, art directors, realtors, producers and more. While this is absolutely necessary right now, it also presents its own set of challenges. As I’ve collected stories over the last few days about people’s various work-from-home-with-kids situations, it seems that working parents are overwhelmed with work responsibilities as well as overseeing their children’s schedule and online education activities. Here are a few practical tips for employees who are working from home for the next few weeks: Start your day with a routine: whether that is exercise, meditation, reading or … Read More