Family Friendly Workplaces Include Access to Reproductive Health Supports

Felicia MontoyaBlog

Recognizing and supporting employers to adopt and implement family friendly policies so that businesses, employees and their families thrive also means recognizing that we are committed to access for all employees to comprehensive reproductive healthcare. This is an integral part of “Health Support”, category two in our list of family friendly workplace policies.

We champion efforts employers make at implementing policies that are family friendly. Since our work began we have taken action, offering resources and support as employers look at how policies impact employees’ ability to experience full participation in the workplace. Our work providing resources and support to employers as they work on providing policies that provide comprehensive reproductive health care is no different.

Fortunately in New Mexico, access to the full range of reproductive health options is protected. As such, we are committed to supporting employers to offer benefits and access to these options. We’ll be working to update our policies and resources to reflect this commitment.

Family Friendly New Mexico is committed to providing research backed tools and resources that employers need to navigate this issue and the difficult conversations around it. We cannot continue our mission without recognizing the impact this will have on employees and their families. And because we are all connected, it will have an impact on all of us.


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