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How U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union retains qualified employees and leads with policies that put their employees at the center of their business model.

Family friendly policies in the workplace can look different for every business. Often, businesses tend to follow the same model with the same policies and structure for their employees for many years. It’s important to continuously evaluate policies for their effectiveness in building a strong workforce that enhances the strengths of the business. Sharing how businesses have cultivated these policies as a structure to build on makes our family friendly business community stronger and more knowledgeable. This week we are highlighting U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union, an organization that actively learns about the different policies that can support their workforce. They share how they have been able to stay innovative and open to developing policies that allow for their leadership to be better prepared to meet the challenges that their employees face.

This year, U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union received the Platinum level award, the highest level of recognition of the Family Friendly Business Award™. The U.S. Eagle tagline “People Mean More™” connects full circle to how they demonstrate this through the care of their members and their employees. We have been grateful for their commitment to Family Friendly New Mexico as an event sponsor over the last three consecutive years and for the support from Maggie Tannen, Vice President of Human Resources and Training for U.S. Eagle and member of the Family Friendly New Mexico Business Leadership Council (BLC). The BLC assists our initiative with staying in the know about the current needs and challenges businesses and their employees are facing in our community. This helps our program to build on our educational events and resources that support employers and adapt to the ever changing needs of our business community.  Our BLC members have also mentioned that being on the council helps them to share best practices and innovative strategies on implementing family friendly policies in their own organizations.

“That’s what we are all working for, is for our families and to bring back to our community and have a leadership and organization that rallies behind you. It matters, it matters to our core and to our soul as humans,” stated Maggie during her very touching interview conducted for the Family Friendly New Mexico Making an Impact Video Series.

It has become clear when interviewing team members at the U.S. Eagle offices that their team and leadership have centralized family friendly policies such as flexible scheduling so that all levels of their employees receive the support they deserve and appreciate. This has helped their efforts to lower turnover and retain loyal and qualified employees. The stories shared indicate that this directly translates to how each individual can take care of their own personal health and how they can be there for their families. From offering grief counseling to offering programs that allow employees to donate their PTO to one another, these policies have given leadership the opportunity to openly ask their team members, “What do you need and how can we help?”

This has developed with the understanding that every person is different and may need different kinds of support when overcoming life’s challenges. Check out the U.S. Eagle blog post “4 Tips to Create a Family Friendly Business in 2020” to learn more about the innovative and yet simple ways that their organization has continued to provide the People Mean More™ culture within their organization.

Join us this Thursday July 2nd at 11:30 for a special Facebook Live as we launch the video spotlight of U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union and hear directly from their team members and leadership about what family friendly policies mean to them.

For more information about the policy paid leave and for sample policies within this category, visit our online toolkit.

Lindsay McCoyLindsay McCoy, Community Relations and Marketing Manager, oversees and manages the marketing campaigns and events for Family Friendly New Mexico. She is committed to using her abilities to be creative and innovative to support the growth of healthier and happier communities. Her position with Family Friendly New Mexico demonstrates her dedication and commitment to families in our state so that other young working professionals do not have to choose between their job opportunities and their education, or between their job and starting a family but instead have the opportunity to be successful at both.