Family Friendly Workplace Makes Happier Associates and Healthier Communities

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Guest post from Lillian Montoya, President and CEO of CHRISTUS St. Vincent

CHRISTUS St. Vincent, a sponsor of Family Friendly New Mexico, demonstrates how their family friendly workplace policies benefit not only their associates, but also the community at large. These policies are a great example to emulate in any industry.

How CHRISTUS St. Vincent is leading the Future of Healthcare by supporting its associates.

At CHRISTUS St. Vincent, our associates form the foundation of our most important work: caring for our community. It’s important for us to ensure that every member of our team understands their value and feels supported and encouraged in the work that they do. When we take good care of our associates, they become invested in making CHRISTUS St. Vincent shine. The ripple effect of their joy extends to our patients, to their coworkers, to their own families and out into the world. When we take good care of our associates, we’re investing in a healthier community.

Here’s how CHRISTUS St. Vincent is paving the way:

Paying You What You’re Worth

CHRISTUS St. Vincent invests in the best. Our average nurse salary is $86k (14% greater than the New Mexico average). New nurses start at an average of $73k, often with additional sign-on bonuses. We also contribute to every associate’s 403b retirement plan, regardless of how much they contribute themselves.

Giving You the Time You Need

Our generous combined leave policy provides paid time that can be used for illness, vacation or professional development. Personal days and bereavement leave are also provided.

Supporting Your Health and Well-being

In addition to generous employer-subsidized health, dental and vision insurance plans, CHRISTUS St. Vincent offers:

    • a comprehensive employee assistance program including “in the moment” counseling services.
    • wellness programs including screenings, education, health coaching, and organized activities.
    • an on-site fitness center.
    • on-site preventive care including immunizations.
    • interventional care programs, including smoking cessation.
    • fun incentives for participating in preventative health and wellness activities.

Making Room for Family

CHRISTUS St. Vincent offers leave for new mothers as well as family leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, which can be a combination of paid and unpaid leave. We support breastfeeding moms with designated spaces for pumping and/or breastfeeding, including three Mamava private nursing suites. We also provide accommodations for workers who have medical needs arising out of pregnancy, such as needing to avoid heavy lifting, ladders, etc.

A Strong and Diverse Workforce

To ensure a strong and diverse team, CHRISTUS St. Vincent has instituted a peer-based interview process for all new associates. This helps to ensure new associates are a good fit for their prospective teams. CHRISTUS St. Vincent also mandates ongoing training to ensure continuous education and to refresh our associates on the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Showing our Appreciation

CHRISTUS St. Vincent hosts multiple associate appreciation events as an opportunity to show gratitude for the selfless work our associates do every day. An annual Spring Fling, Hospital Week celebration, Halloween costume contest and holiday party are just a few of the ways we relax, unwind and have fun throughout the year.

Celebrating Success

When you do something well, you want somebody to notice. At CHRISTUS St. Vincent, celebrating success is one of our favorite things to do! Our interactive online “Kudos” rewards system allows leaders and co-workers to publicly recognize team members’ successes and award points that can be used to purchase assorted goods and services. We’re also eager to share successes and wins on social media and our internal newsletter to let everyone know just how amazing you are.

Sharing What We Know

As we strive to engage every associate in making our hospital and clinics the best possible places to work and receive care, Open communication is essential. At CHRISTUS St. Vincent, associates attend executive-led Town Halls where they learn about hospital goals, successes, strategic plans and areas for improvement. Regular leader rounding also gives senior executives the opportunity to meet with individual teams to better understand their needs and concerns and helps managers form supportive working relationships with their teams.

Helping You Grow

Continuing education and training is important to CHRISTUS St. Vincent. From nursing scholarships, to tuition reimbursement to on-site training programs and more, helping associates expand their knowledge and abilities makes our hospital stronger and helps our associates enjoy a more rewarding career.

At CHRISTUS St. Vincent, we continually strive to build, manage and maintain a rewarding workplace. We will continue to support, empower and create more opportunities for our Associates. We are proud of the work that we do, and look forward to what we can accomplish as an organization in the future.


Lillian Montoya, President and CEO of CHRISTUS St. Vincent

Lillian Montoya is the hospital’s first female CEO since the original Sisters of Charity founded the hospital in 1865. As a native New Mexican, Lillian has distinguished herself as an active participant in many community, business and educational organizations. She has been repeatedly featured as a New Mexico top business “Power Broker” by New Mexico Business Weekly. Prior to her work with CHRISTUS St. Vincent, Lillian led organizations and initiatives to strengthen New Mexico in the areas of higher education, economic development, venture capital, and early childhood education. With more than 30 years of extensive experience in helping corporate, government and non-profit leaders navigate strategic and organizational challenges, Lillian has demonstrated proven results in developing and implementing programs that make our local communities better places to work.