Family Friendly New Mexico 2021 Reflection

Giovanna RossiBlog

As we wind down our work activity and begin to focus on family and celebrating the holidays, I want to reflect on all that we’ve created and contributed this year. We began the year with hope and a glimpse of a future without COVID. And we end the year with a renewed commitment to workplaces that work for families. We’ve never been clearer about our vision for families and their children to thrive, and we are so grateful to the businesses and leaders who contribute to this vision. The pandemic brought many lessons that continue to inform our work and … Read More

How the Family Friendly NM Team Gets Work Done During Covid-19

Julianna SilvaBlog, COVID-19

getting work done during covid

Each week, as we hear the latest statistics we learn that a lot of businesses are struggling and more and more people are out of work. Our team is working diligently to provide as many resources as possible to support businesses that are navigating uncharted waters. We are working on adding resources to help essential businesses that are hiring find employees who are now looking for jobs (more to come at a later date). In this post, we are featuring some of the tools, practices and resources our team uses to work toward our goals to support our community. In … Read More