2 Comments on “What does it mean to be a family friendly workplace under COVID-19?”

  1. For me, the answer to this question has to do with understanding that every single person is having their own personal experience with COVID-19. With quarantining, social distancing and mandated business closures, the need for family has become even more important than ever. As a family friendly workplace, it is important for us to LISTEN-CARE-ACT in regards to the concerns of our people. Each situation is different, and it requires a tremendous amount of time and energy to facilitate our employees through this crisis. But hey, it’s what we do!

  2. Thank you, Blair. “LISTEN-CARE-ACT” is a great guide for supporting employees through this difficult time. Are you interested in writing a guest blog post on this topic? If so, email me (Julianna) and I can provide details on how we are managing our guest blog posts. thx!

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