• CATEGORY ONE: Paid Leave

    Paid personal leave (school involvement, sick employee, training/professional development, vacation)
    Paid maternity/paternity leave
    Paid family leave (caring for aging parents, children, domestic partner)

    CATEGORY TWO: Health Support

    Breastfeeding/lactation support (could include a designated area for pumping/breastfeeding)
    Healthcare (employer subsidized health or dental insurance)
    Wellness programs
    (such as wellness assessments, screenings, education, health coaching, organized wellness activities, onsite preventative care such as immunizations, interventions such as smoking cessation, incentive and/or paid time off for wellness activities)
    Reasonable accommodations for workers who have medical needs arising out of pregnancy (allowing to avoid heavy lifting, stay off ladders)

    CATEGORY THREE: Work Schedules

    Flexible work scheduling (such as 4 10-hour days or other adjustable scheduling)
    Job sharing (such as two or more part-time employees share one full-time position)
    Telecommuting (work from remote location at least some of the time)
    Predictable scheduling (providing at least two weeks’ notice of work schedules and/or premium pay for changes in work schedules made with short notice)

    CATEGORY FOUR: Economic Support to build long-term wealth and short term financial stability

    Higher than average wages in your industry
    Employer subsidized training/educational assistance
    Employer supported retirement/asset building available to build long-term wealth
    Employer subsidized or on-site childcare or dependent care (such as aging parents, or on/near-site childcare)
    Employer supported short-term financial stability options (small-dollar lending with repayment available via payroll deductions, access to financial capability training/coaching)